Yes, I can quarantine myself not only for weeks but also for months, If I have a chance to develop my garden these days.
Do you want to know why I’m so excited about gardening nor being bothered about Corona-virus? 

This is the perfect time to spend quality time with plants, flowers and vegetables as there is nothing much to do other than being quite in house. 

We can use this quarantine time with following things


Clearing Soil:

Task of cleaning soil is very interesting work for myself as it makes my hands dirty. Making hands dirty is an art in my opinion, some researchers say that playing with soil is good for health.

All of you played in soil, right? If no, you missed a lot in your life, No problem start playing now. 

How to clear soil?

  • Dig

Manually dig the soil and remove roots of previous plants, It helps to grow unwanted plants in your next crop. When  digging up weeds you need to dig completely with roots, such as not to grow back. This method is very useful to stop growing unwanted plants.


It is a chemical free method which can be followed by leaving soil exposed to the sun. This process takes some time to complete (nearly 4 to 6 weeks). Solarization clears all the soil weeds and gives you clear soil to use for the next crop.

Now soil is ready for Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds:

 We have different techniques for sowing seeds.


Broadcasting is a technique used from very olden days, for this technique we don’t need any equipment, in this technique we just spread/throw seeds with our hands.

It is very cheap because it doesn’t require any machinery. 

Spreading of seeds will be uneven in this technique, So we should be careful while sowing. 


Dibbling is a technique where you make equal holes and sow seeds in hole. It is a time taking process, But density of seeds and distance will be equal.


It is a procedure where we bring plants from nursery and planting in the main field. It is best procedure as nursery persons will have different quality plants which started germinating, so we can choose which is required. 

Learn what to Plant and when:

Think and make a note of which should be sowed in which month of the year, This list will help us to be clear in coming months, as now the complete country is shutted down so we cannot bring new seeds or plants from nurseries.

Use this time to write and prepare for next coming months. You can follow these notes throughout the years. 


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