Fenugreek leaves or Methi is very femalier to indian recpies. Methi adds good flavour to food. We can also prepare different recipes with Methi (Fenugreek). 

Not only for taste but also Fenugreek leaves (Methi) has many health benefits. Here are some Health benefits of Methi(Fenugreek leaves). 

  1. Lowers Blood Cholesterol
  2. Reduces the risk of heart disease
  3. Helps control Diabetes
  4. Aids Digestion
  5. Helps you lose weight
  6. Remedy for sore throat
  7. Reduces Menstrual discomfort
  8. Prevents colon cancer

Lowers Blood Cholesterol:-

Fenugreek contain steroidal saponins that slow down cholesterol absorption of the intestines. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol in blood within 6months. 

Reduces the risk of heart disease:-

By taking Fenugreek  your blood bad cholesterol will be lowered, So it reduces the risk of heart disease. Take 8gms of Fenugreek daily, more than 8gms is not recommended. 

Helps control Diabetes:- 

Fenugreek leaves increase the amount of insulin in the body so it controls diabetes. Take Methi regularly and do execrise you will see the result in 6 months.

Aids Digestion:- 

Fenugreek leaves contain fiber and antioxidants which help in digestion and flush out toxins from the body. It is helpful for the digestive system. 

Helps you lose weight:- 

Fenugreek are perfect for a weight loss diet. It helps in fat burning and also takes out bad cholesterol from the body. 

Remedy for sore throat:-

Fenugreek are a traditional treatment (fenugreek tea) for sore throat, It has compounds which help to clear throat. It also helps to kill bacteria and reduces pain.

Reduces Menstrual discomfort:-

Fenugreek reduce menstrual discomfort. As it helps in expanding inducing menstruation. It reduces the pain of menstruation. 

Prevents colon cancer:-

Fenugreek have the ability to stop cancer, It has an anticancer property which stimulates breast cancer. By taking Fenugreek regularly breast size will be increased. 

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