Capsicum has numerous structures with an assortment of tasty hues like red, yellow, green, purple and even dark! Notwithstanding its utilization as flavors and vegetables, Capsicum has likewise discovered use in medications in view of its incredible medical advantages.

Sowing Seeds:

Capsicum can be sowed in both Winter and summer seasons. In the Winter season start seeds inside throughout the winter season before transplanting them outside during the coming spring season. Preferably start seeds indoors for better germination.

Watering and Pests:

For growing Capsicum either straightforwardly sow its seeds in the dirt or develop its seeds inside before transplanting the seedlings outside. Prepare the dirt utilizing fertilizer, excrement, manure tea or Panchagavya before transplanting the Capsicum seedlings.

Plant the seedlings at a space of around 30 cm separated. As the plant begins bearing its natural product, it will require support from short-stakes for balance. During extremely hot or freezing atmosphere, Capsicum can drop their blooms to monitor its vitality, henceforth it will be ineffective. Hence, planting them during the correct season is fundamental for a decent reap. Capsicum is easy for growing in compartments too.


Capsicum will be ready to reap around 2 months from planting. Capsicum of crossbreed assortments start green and afterward develop to their unique shading. In contrast to the Hybrid assortments, the shade of the legacy Capsicums results from their hereditary qualities, and not simply the phase of readiness.

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