The cucumber is a plant where consumed directly and fresh and utilized basically in plates of mixed salads. Its crunchy surface and water content make it a perfect expansion to any plate of mixed greens. 

It is additionally one of only a handful hardly any vegetables which are said to have parthenocarpic assortments, which implies that they can give natural products without fertilization. They are in reality over 90% water, but at the same time are high in nutrient K and potassium, alongside low calorie and fat substance.

When to Grow Cucumber in India

Sowing Seeds:

It is a summer-season plant that is truly powerless to ice, so ensure that it is planted two weeks after the winter season has passed.

Sow the seeds in columns, having them 3cm profound and 15-25 cm separated. Unbiased soil pH is ideal. Attempt to keep them on help or something to that effect, as along these lines, the natural product avoids any contact with the ground.

Water and Pests:

At the sapling phase the growth of the plant, keep a net over the seedlings to keep any nuisances from desolating your harvest. When the leaves begin to rise on your seedlings, water them all the more much of the time, and after they get to tallness of around 10 cm, slim them out so they are around 35cm. 

Mulch to keep the dirt sodden, and when the blossom begins to sprout, make a point to shower sugar water on the blooms to draw in a wide range of pollinating specialists.

Cucumber insects and Whiteflies are the two most normal irritations which influence the development of the cucumber plant. These can be dodged if the standard review is done and the bugs are taken out in their egg stages.


For cutting cucumbers, when the organic product is at a length of 15-20cm it is fit to be gathered. At the point when the cucumber begins to develop, it will begin to turn yellow, yet it ought to be collected when it is young, consistently green and fresh. In the wake of gathering, keep the cucumbers in plastic sacks in order to hold dampness.

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