What is Okra?

In India we all not aware of the name Okra, It is another name for Ladies Finger. But the ladyfinger plant is that everybody knows. Okra is a pleasant vegetable to grow and also to eat. Okra has a place with the family as Hibiscus, Roselle, and cotton. Growing Okra is extremely simple. In the event that you are contemplating.

Sowing Seeds:

A huge pot is basic for the growth of Okra. Then two seeds were planted in each compartment. It took around 5 days for them to grow. There will be 100% germination. Treated seeds are those that are pre-covered with a fungicide to stay away from issues like damping off. Treated seeds, for the most part, have a particular shading covered on them to separate them from different seeds and furthermore to demonstrate they are covered and consequently toxic.

Watering and Pests:

Young okra plants can be attacked by leaf-eating bugs and the entire plant can be eaten up medium-term by them. So simply continue minding your young plants each morning. In the event that you notice portions of the leaves have been consumed search for bugs and nuisances wherever in the plant particularly under the leaves.

When you spot them to get them and mislead them. A few caterpillars like winter moths twist up the leaves. Simply detach leaves where you see such twists and discard them. The entire leaf need not be removed. For disposing of aphids simply utilize a neem oil-based splash.


Okra plants blossoms continually and each bloom self prepares itself to a natural product. The organic product takes around 7-10 days on the plant to develop. Okra should be reaped when it has developed to a length of 4 to 6 inches. 

A day or two extra on the plant and it turns out to be hard and woody. By and large, the organic product is secured with small delicate thistles. While getting okra these can puncture into your fingers. Consequently while collecting okra holds it at the sharp end and cuts it off with a couple of pruning shears. 

Try not to attempt to cull okra with your hands. You’ll wind up harming the plant. It’s a smart thought to gather okra every day. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you cannot do that ensure you are reaping them each 2 or 3 days. Any more drawn out hole between harvests implies you’ll wind up with hard organic products.

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