Every year 2.01 billion tones of municipal waste is generated in India,

It also includes organic waste in it. 

In this 350 million tones of organic waste comes from agricultural sources.

Only 15% of this organic waste is recycled.

Just Assume what if we Recycle 100% Organic Waste into vermicompost ?

What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a process of making compost/manure using earthworms. 

How to Prepare vermicompost at Home..?

How to turn household organic wastes into vermicomposting?

A family of 4 can reduce their yearly waste from 1000kgs to 100kgs by just recycling organic waste through vermicomposting.

Step:1 – Select Best Place to recycle organic waste

Composting can be done inside or outside of the house, the best place is outside the house. 

Choose a best place and keep on adding your daily kitchen waste in it.

Step:2 – Compost Bin

Select the best container it can be: dustbin, bucket, cement bricks construction or any other container. 

Container should be drilled with 4 to 5 holes under and also side to enter air in it easily.

Step:3 – Segregate

Start separating and adding your daily kitchen waste like vegetable peels, fruits peels, leaves etc into the bin.

Don’t add non-vegetarian items in your compost. 

Don’t miss to add Paper pieces, cardboard pieces, dried leaves on top of it. 

Step:4 – Wet and Dry Waste Balance

Maintain wet and dry waste equally in the bin. If you add two cups of wet waste in the container then equally add dry waste in the container, so the process will be perfect. 

Try to add semi prepared compost in the container to make the process fast. 

Step:5 – Adding Earthworms

When the container is filled by 3/4th then it is the time to add some earthworms in it. You can purchase earthworms from different online and offline markets. 

Step:6 – Ready to Use

When the material is turned into black tea powder like substance and smells like soil then it indicates that vermicomposting is ready to use.

Separate earthworms from the container and store them for next usage. 

You can use this vermicomposting for garden areas and pot plants etc. 


Happy Composting….!







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