What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is the process of making compost with help of earthworms. 

It is an Organic Manure, which helps to increase Physical, Biological and chemical properties of soil. 

Vermicompost contains N, P, K micro nutrients which helps for plant growth. 

How to Prepare Vermicompost?

Preparing setup:-

Select a spot where to place the bin. The best place is where there is a good ventilation and consistent temperature. Although it will not produce a bad smell it is better to avoid living areas. 

Buy a good container which does not allow sunlight into it. It may bucket, bin or any  unused plastic container. 

Make holes under the container for drain purposes. Hole size will depend on the container. Better to make 1/2 inch holes. 

Arrange two bricks or wood pieces and place the container on it, It helps for air movement under the bin. It is better to arrange plastic sheets under the bricks as there may be drain overflow. 

Keep earthworms ready. You can buy earthworms online or nearby garden stores. 

Adding Soil, Dry leaves and Kitchen waste:-

Earthworms need good moisture to live. So prepare a worm bed with good moisture. To ensure that the bed is moisturized more time add newspapers pieces and cardboard’s it helps to hold moisture more time.

Layer one: Garden Soil

Layer two: Newspapers and cardboard’s

Layer three: Kitchen waste

Layer four: Add Earthworms

Fill the first layer of the bin with garden soil around 2 inches and next layer with Newspaper pieces and cardboard pieces and then add kitchen waste. Next add Earthworms into the bin.

Repeat the same order again until the bin fills, Each layer should be evenly divided.


Regularly sprinkle some water on the bed, It helps to keep the bed moist. Earthworms feel like home when the bed is moist. Keep mixing the bin every two or three weeks, it helps to enter air in between layers. 

Vermicompost will be ready to harvest after 5 or 6 months. Process gets speed by cutting kitchen waste into small pieces.


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