The climate in North India in November is probably going to be warm in the day. however, temperatures may drop in the nights. … In the nights, it may wind up being under 10°C (50°F), particularly in the desert. You will in all likelihood get no downpour at all and blue skies all month.

Here are veggies and flowers which can be sowed or planted in the month of November:

  • Eggplant
  • Lettuce
  • Okra
  • Turnip
  • Tomato
  • Pepper

In tropical or subtropical atmospheres, similar to India, the seeds can straightforwardly be planted into the ground. In any case, ensure that there is no more danger of ice and that the virus season has really cleared a path for hotter climes. The brinjal plant requires loads of sun to flourish.

When planting seeds legitimately into the dirt, you should plant around 10 seeds for every foot. Space your lines 12 to 18 inches separated. Slim leaf lettuce seedlings to 4 inches separated. Romaine and butterhead lettuce seedlings expect 6 to 8 crawls between each plant.

Okra can develop from three to six feet tall. Pick a nursery spot where its shade won’t hurt other sun adoring plants. Sow the seeds one inch somewhere down in columns that are three feet separated. The seeds by and large sprout in two to 12 days.

Turnip greens are anything but difficult to develop in any well-depleted soil. Set out turnip green plants 2 to about a month prior to the last ice in spring and from late August to October for a fall crop in many regions. In zones 9 and 10 they can be planted all through fall and winter.

With a couple of tips for planting tomato seedlings, you’ll be en route to a tomato bonanza. Locate a bright spot. Tomato plants flourish in six to eight hours of day by day daylight. Holders can be moved all through the developing season and are an extraordinary decision for home producers who have restricted nursery space.

Plant them 18 to 24 inches separated in a radiant, well-depleted spot. Pepper plants need at any rate 6-8 hours of daylight for every day. Blend fertilizer or another natural issue into the dirt when planting. Water following planting, at that point routinely all through the season.

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